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Teacher Evaluation and Targeted PD

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“Teachers can choose what?s important for them for their own professional development. We found it remarkably effective, teachers? love the notion of having choice, and the menu was broad enough to enable us to use some strategic initiatives of our own.”

James W. Thomas, Superintendent, ECOT, OH

Target Audience

  • Administrators
  • Leadership Training
  • Teachers
  • Aspiring Teachers

Types of Implementation

  • Targeted Teacher Professional Development
  • PD Curriculum & Whole Group Instruction
  • Leadership Professional Development Training

Individualize Teacher Professional Development and practice the Teacher Evaulation process direct from experts such as Danielson, Marzano, Fullen, McTighe, November, Reeves, Stiggins and many more.

Administrators often face difficulties when planning meaningful and beneficial professional development hours for their staff and teachers. Professional development is often times costly and requires the coordination and hiring of substitute teachers. Now, administrators can move their school’s professional development model into the 21st century with an online resource that includes an extraordinary line up of experts.

Teachers and staff can learn more about the Danielson Model, which is changing the way that teachers are evaluated across the United States. Charlotte Danielson recognized a need for research based, proven methods to improve teacher evaluation and developed a framework for analyzing instruction. Educators will also have access to instructional videos from Dr. Robert Marzano, Dr. Harvey Silver, and Richard Strong on the practices of Highly Effective Classrooms. Offering a perfect balance between theory and practice, this powerful online program combines detailed instruction, with video of real classroom examples – all carefully selected by Dr. Silver and Dr. Marzano! National teaching expert Michael Fullan is known for his research into PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). The benefits of professional learning communities to educators and students include reduced isolation of teachers, better informed and committed teachers, and academic gains for students. Fullan has found that PLCs are necessary, stating ?Numerous studies document the fact that professional learning communities or collaborative work cultures at the school and ideally at the district level are critical for the implementation of attempted reforms.?

Below are just a few of the professional development areas of focus that administrators can choose to include in customized learning programs for their staff:

  1. Instructional Strategies (Online Teaching, Visual Tools & Graphic Organizers, Mentoring & Coaching, Marzano’s Practices of Highly Effective Classrooms, Differentiated Instruction),
  2. Teacher Evaluation Practice Center (Pre-Conference, Post-Conference, Student Work Samples, Other Artifacts (i.e. lesson plans, classroom photos, etc.), Comparison to Experts using Multiple Rubrics, Collaborate with Other Evaluators)
  3. School Leadership (School Law 101, Instruction Leadership in Practice, Middle School Leadership, Urban School Leadership, Leading Learning Communities),
  4. Student Behavior & School Safety (Violence Prevention & Safe School Planning, Positive Behavioral Support in Action),
  5. Special Needs & Intervention (Mastering RTI, The Inclusion Breakthrough),
  6. School Wide Improvement (Embracing Data, Teaching in The Block, Digital Innovation).

Online professional development offers administrators the flexibility of fully customizable content, easy management of progress and hours logged, and the peace of mind knowing that staff and teachers are learning from the world?s most experienced educators. In turn, teachers will reap the benefits of completing their professional development hours at their own pace, on their own time, all while learning about ways to improve their curriculum and instruction from trusted sources.

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