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Every client is different. We help our clients get to the core of what their students need and develop a custom plan to accomplish their goals.

College and Career Readiness

As we progress further into the 21st century, the focus of education sometimes has to change to meet shifting demands and better prepare learners to be work ready, job ready, career ready, and college ready.

By receiving quality instruction delivered in a career and workplace context, learners experience the direct connection between core foundational skills including reading, navigating and locating information, and the core foundational skills required across occupations and industries to compete and succeed in today?s world.

Student Interventions

Student targeted intervention includes solutions for response to intervention (RTI) tiers including all academic areas and behavior intervention plans (BIP). Whether students are below grade level, on grade level, or above grade level academically, our custom implementation offers blended training, software and direct instruction materials that provide unique strategies for your students, grades K-12 and Adult.

The Behavior Intervention Plan training and software application provides a guided-process to quickly create accurate, effective Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, and Reactive Strategies to help meet the General Education population, students in distress, and/or IEP Goals.

Outfit 21st Century Classrooms

Outfitting 21st century classrooms increases student engagement and motivation, leading to many challenges in consultation, professional development and implementation. With the myriad of online tools and mobile devices available, educators are faced with more choices than ever.

Delivering content and developing a culture of interactivity and constant assessments is broad and complicated to quickly roll out. The ultimate goal of creating the blended learning environment is to help students succeed and accomplish goals higher than they ever imagined.

Teacher & Admin Staff Professional Development

Teacher and admin staff professional development are cornerstones to accomplishing a successful educational institution, virtual school environment, or blended learning setting. Key areas include understanding the Common Core and instructional shifts, providing targeted teacher and administrator professional development in response to an evaluation, the Danielson Framework content & guidelines, 360 degree leadership assessment tools, mastering ABA evidence-based practices, and even early learning literacy and reading intervention instructional skills.

Blended Learning & Online Programs

The terms “online programs” and “online education” have been buzzwords for years. From offering hundreds of rigorous, packaged courses to create-your-own-content platforms, it’s imperative to understand the content, functionality, customization, alignments and flexibility as your online program is molded around your unique educational vision.

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