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Virtual School Placement Exams

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High School Placement Exams

Sample Virtual High School Placement Exams

Choosing a Math or Language Arts Course

Math tests to help decided student readiness:

Grammar and Composition is a foundation Language Arts course. This test can help determine if Grammar and Composition is where a student should begin their Language Arts course of study:

Choosing Honors Courses

Preparing to Take the Exams

It’s recommended a student should set aside at least one hour to complete an exam. Be sure the student is clear of distractions and has access to paper and pencils.

Taking the Exams

To the student: All questions should be attempted. Be sure to use the space provided to solve problems. The back of the exam sheet can also be used if needed. Write the answer in the proper location so when the exam is being graded, the answers are easy to find. Write clearly and accurately. Be sure to answer the questions completely and avoid answers containing more than one possibility. You should feel confident enough about your answer to clearly state it. If you absolutely get stuck on a question, leave the question blank.

Remember, the goal is to help students be placed in the correct course. If students do not do their own work, their results may not accurately reflect their placement level and potentially placed in a course they are not ready for.

Grading the Exams

Answer Keys:

All answers should be marked as “Correct” or “Incorrect”. One (“1”) point should be deducted for each incorrect answer. At the bottom of each page, record the total points awarded for that page.

When the exam grading is complete, add the scores from each page and write the total score in the top margin of the exam.

Using the Results of the Exams

Math and Language Arts:

Using the?Math and Language Arts Results Table?(PDF), locate the exam by name. Next, locate the score that was achieved on the exam. Corresponding to this score, you will find a recommended action plan.

The results may indicate the need to complete another Placement Exam. If so, choose the correct placement exam above and complete it as noted.

Once all appropriate exams have been completed, course selections can be made. Be sure to refer to the Results Table for additional suggestions for choosing courses.


Using the?Honors Results Table?(PDF) locate the score that was achieved on the exam to find the recommended action plan

After choosing your courses, view our?course catalog?for course details.

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