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Reading Horizons New Implementation Checklist

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New Order Successful Set-Up List

The following steps are a simple and effective way to implement the Reading Horizons?reading instruction program. Our goal is to make sure that everyone using our program?receives the support they need to get started successfully. Each step is very important.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1 Verify that everything you ordered has been received in the shipment.

Step 2 Install the Software.

(Note: Online users will skip this step and go to Step 3.)

Step 3 Review the Administration System Orientation Video. Every teacher using the?software will need to review the video for the software they will be using.

Intensive Phonics v4 (10 minutes)
Reading Horizons v5 (19 minutes)

Step 4 Locate the software Implementation Guides and provide them to anyone who?will be using the Administration System. Following are links to the software

Implementation Guides:

Intensive Phonics v4 Network/Stand Alone
Intensive Phonics v4 Online
Reading Horizons v5 Network/Stand Alone/Online

Step 5 Enter the students into the Administration System. Refer to the Implementation?Guide from Step 4 for assistance.

Step 6 Have each teacher go through the free Reading Horizons Online Workshop for?Teachers, which provides 30-day unlimited access (3-4 hours for single/multiple?sessions). After the initial session, teachers can log in or log out of the Online?Workshop at the top of the website.


Note: Complete, intensive training for successful implementation is?recommended. This two-day, hands-on instruction will help teachers know how?to use the program effectively to yield consistent results. Contact your Account?Manager or Distributor to set up a training that will best meet your site?s?schedule and needs.

Step 7 Review the Software Orientation Videos. Every teacher using the software will?need to review the videos for the software they will be using.

Intensive Phonics v4 Software Orientation Videos (22 minutes for all six)
Reading Horizons v5 Software Orientation Videos (20 minutes for all five)

Step 8 Establish Implementation Guidelines for your organization. Links for?implementation suggestions are included below:

Intensive Phonics
Reading Horizons

Schedule a time with your Account Manager or Distributor to review the?Administration System and software program with all administration users.?This will be a question-and-answer session.

Step 10 Create student License Plates using the Reading Horizons License Plate Template?(view in Print Layout if needed). Print them in color and hang them up. Print out
the Parent/Guardian Letters.

Step 11 Perform the individual student assessments to place students correctly in?the software program. If time is limited, administer the Word Recognition?test. For more information, visit the Assessments and Tests descriptions link?below: http://www.readinghorizons.com/solutions/software/rh/features/

For additional information on assessments, visit the Frequently Asked?Questions page on the Time Out for Teachers website:

Step 12 Start students on the software.

Step 13 Periodically review each student?s progress and adjust the program as?necessary. Students may need some supplemental individual direct instruction.?Workshops for teaching phonics and reading can be found on the following?link:

Step 14 Four to six weeks after your first group of students begin using the program,?schedule a follow-up review session with your Account Manager or Distributor?to answer any program-related questions.

Step 15 Upon completion of the course, print a student Certificate of Completion and?have a special awards ceremony to give recognition of this achievement.

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