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“We tend to be on the cutting edge until it becomes the bleeding edge. What is most successful for us is when we find a company that is a partner, not just a salesperson who walks away. Pilots are more successful when ed-tech companies are willing to act as thought partners during the planning phase.” – Mineola Public School District
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The Digital Promise Rapid Cycle Pilots is a formal research study published by Digital Promise, based on our 6 month pilot last year in 5 Digital Promise league of innovative schools districts.

  • It is a robust, well-presented study, that illustrates our experience in running long-term and complex pilots with school districts. For those in the US, this informs our “District Pilot Playbook” that we produce for large pilots.
  • The results are positive: Of the five pilot districts, four had statistically significant improvements to their math scores. The fifth had a non-significant change.
  • Mineola, which did implement well, saw a 17% increase in their math test scores.

Despite the fact that all but one pilot was not used with fidelity; imagine how good the results could have been if implemented with fidelity.

Digital Promise Rapid Cycle Pilots – Mathspace

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