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Mathspace: Research Study and PD

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Research Study

The results are phenomenal.

Rigorous independent study: The study was conducted by an independent third party (state of Utah). It is publicly available. There were over 94,000 students in the study, including 6,500 Mathspace students. The study is highly rigorous and its results are reliable

Mathspace is highly effective, especially for intervention: Each of the results shows how effective Mathspace was for students. Students demonstrated significant growth, particular those who began the year as not proficient.

Small amount of time required to produce results: While Mathspace produces positive results for all students, it is significant to see that using Mathspace for around 30 min per week generates significant results.

Download the year-long independent study conducted in Utah by their STEM Action Center.

Professional Development

Virtual PD Courses: Foundations I, II, III

In-Person PD Courses: Mathspace for Teachers, Students, Analyzing Data

And much more!

Mathspace Professional Development Options (Example Page)

We believe that EVERY student can excel at mathematics with the right help at the right time.

We want to be the right help at the right time for every student.

Mathspace understands the goal of all teachers and administrators is to reach all students and increase
student learning. We want to provide the right continuous support that meets your professional learning
needs tailored to your school’s instructional vision.

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