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March 13: Boost Student Engagement & Motivation

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WEBINAR: Boost Student Engagement and Motivation In Your Classroom

Thursday, March 13, 2014 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST


Students who are engaged during literacy instruction benefit from enhanced learning and memory as well as increased motivation for reading intervention and learning. This webinar will address ways to increase student engagement and motivation in your classroom.

Why Does it Work for Intervention Students?

Because the core of Reading Horizons framework only requires students to remember seven rules that can be applied to the majority of words in the English language, it is easy for students to remember. This, paired with the multi-sensory nature of the program, is the reason students with learning disabilities and special needs, as well as ESL students, can grasp the program more readily than alternative interventions.

The number of decoding rules is significantly lower than even the closest competitive product – making it the most accessible to at-risk students.

Customer testimonials:

In 2006, at the age of 55, I started (at) the adult-education program at Holland College to continue my education and get my GED. I was only able to attend for a few months before I had to return to work. My experience was a good one but very hard. As a child, I didn?t have a very good beginning when I attended the lower grades in the regular school system, so when it came down to the crunch, I got used to faking it. It became a way of life, so automatic. Read more

Reading Horizons was first introduced to our school after a special education committee was developed to investigate programs that focused on building a strong foundation of phonetic skills. Reading Horizons came out as a strong contender, based on the Orton-Gillingham method. Read more

I am a special education teacher and teach grades K-3. The Reading Horizons program helped many of my students make excellent strides in reading this past year! Read more

I worked for 20 years in Oregon as a special ed teacher and then as an administrator (most of the time as Director of Special Programs) before moving to Idaho. ?I had actually retired, but when I got to Idaho, I was convinced to work five more years as a teacher in the small rural district of Bruneau/Grand View. ?It was there that we had an in-service presentation that introduced Reading Horizons program. Read more


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