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#LifeliqeGoSchool Monthly Contest

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Lifeliqe GO: Gotta match ’em all

Lifeliqe Go: Gotta match ’em all highlights the usability of AR in spaces other than gaming, in particular, education. Taking a Lifeliqe 3D model and putting it in the right environment promotes learning more about the model, sparking curiosity in learners and making them explore for themselves while having fun and getting rewarded. It is great to use in classroom as a part of a class project, instantly rewarding with a month?s free subscription. Individual users are eligible to compete as well as schools (classes), the main prize will be awarded in both categories. The users share their creations on Facebook or Twitter and are encouraged to tell a story with their video/picture or in the title to amplify the impact and get more likes from the general public. The campaign will start 1st September, providing learners with a top-notch tool right in the start of the school year and continue on a monthly basis with a new round every month.

School Prizes – Classroom license (up to 30 accounts)Lifelique Go Official Rules

Monthly Main prize

  • One year?s free subscription for winning video,
  • 6 months for winning picture.

Weekly Challenge

  • 3 extra free months for a subscription for videos
  • 1 free month for pictures

3 out of 5 Challenge

  • 3 extra free months for a subscription for videos,
  • 1 free month for pictures

Sharing a video

  • 1 free month for a subscription.

Sharing 3 pictures (3 different models)

  • 1 free month for a subscription.

Disclaimer: Videos/pictures with inappropriate or abusive content will not be allowed into the competition.

General rules:

  1. Download Lifeliqe in the App Store or Windows Store (if you don?t have it already). Start your one month free trial.
  2. Shoot a video or take a series of pictures using Lifeliqe?s Augmented Reality feature. Try to tell a story, it might help you win!
  3. Like our Facebook page. (It?s a precondition to take part)
  4. Share the video or pictures on your Facebook wall and apart from the description, mention Lifeliqe (add @Lifeliqe) and label it with a hashtag#LifeliqeGo or #LifeliqeGoSchool if you?re taking part as a school(class). We?ll notice, but better shoot us a message on Facebook to make sure. By doing this you are instantly getting one month free subscription!
  5. Invite your friends to like your video or pictures. The one with the most likes wins the main prize – ?one year free subscription! You can check out how your creation is doing against the others by simple clicking the hashtag #LifeliqeGo or #LifeliqeGoSchool.
  6. Get more extra months of free subscription by taking part in our challenges. The challenges are: Weekly challenge – posting a video/picture of given weekly topic. Managing to send them all wins a prize. 3 out 5 challenge – posting 3 videos/pictures out of 5 from a given set of topics through the month period. Add #WeeklyChallenge or #3outof5Challenge depending on which one are you taking part in.
  7. In the end of the month, we?ll count all the likes and all the challenges finished and award the winners!

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