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High School Algebra I: A Function Approach Part 2 – NEW

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High School Algebra I: A Function Approach, Part 2 is a continuation of Algebra I: A Function Approach, Part 1.

Part 2 provides students with more approaches to the real-world application of algebra.

The continued focus of this course is on functional relationships and the various uses of a rate of change.

This course moves on to writing and solving equations, linear models in two variables, linear inequalities, and systems of equations and inequalities. Polynomials, their applications, and the factoring of polynomials are examined. Quadratics, their roots, factors, zeros, and solutions are introduced, followed by the quadratic formula, laws of exponents, exponential functions, and functions of inverse variation.

? Algebra I: A Function Approach, Part 2, is presented as a semester-long high school course.

? All lessons contain a study guide and practice and mastery test.

? Many lessons include graphing calculator activities designed to expand students’ understanding of functional relationships and data representation. A virtual, fully functional graphing calculator designed specifically for this course is included. A graphing calculator tutorial is also included.

? Enriched interactive features include Reflect and Apply worksheets, drag and drop activities, layered sequence activities, and other processes that allow the student to respond to the material in a variety of ways. Each feature is designed to fully engage the student with the course content and provide varied methods to help the student master the skills presented.

? Study guides contain practice problems with immediate feedback and additional explanation of algebraic applications, allowing the students to self-correct their learning as the course progresses.

? This course is enriched by National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (NLVM) applets.

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