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Formative Assessments and Common Core

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“The technology we’ve been using for about 2 years has changed almost everything in our instruction and how our teachers teach. It’s changed our statewide test scores. We’ve gone from mid 70’s to high 90’s. It’s been widely accepted to say the least.”

Ryan Delaney, Principal, Taft Elementary School, OH

Educational Area Focus

  • Common Core Alignment
  • Formative Assessment
  • Teacher Directed Intervention

Types of Implementation

  • BYOD
  • Computer, Laptop, Mobile Devices
  • Teacher Directed

Utilize formative assessment software to quickly create Common Core aligned tests gauging student achievement throughout the year.

Educators can quickly create baseline and benchmark assessments aligned to specific Common Core standards. Assessment reports can easily be viewed and printed, outlining areas of need as well detailing student growth from baseline to each benchmark. Educators can quickly create quizzes, reviews, tests or assessments using thousands of questions that have been aligned to specific state or Common Core standards. In addition, teachers can easily deliver formative assessments using a variety of options, including computers or tablets, on interactive whiteboards and response devices, on bubble sheets, or on pencil and paper if needed. Multiple software platforms enable quick and easy analysis of student data. View and analyze results immediately, identify achievement gaps, and monitor student progress on an ongoing basis during the school year.

A powerful assessment engine facilitates the ability to assign students course assessments which provide pre and post test data which teachers can then use to drive their classroom instruction. The assessment engine then prescribes lessons based on student deficiency, targeting areas of opportunity and preparing students to be able to meet state and national standards. Or, adaptive assessments (“smart tests”) analyze student responses and adjust difficulty level based on performance. Select the depth of an adaptive assessment to easily evaluate a student’s knowledge base within two or more grade levels in either direction.

Advantages to the online assessment system include opportunities for ongoing remediation and differentiated instruction on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, as well as the ability for students to work anywhere they have access to the Internet. Student performance data is never lost, due to the centralized architecture of the software, and parents and teachers can enjoy the added benefit of being able to provide up to the minute, real time performance reporting, making it easy for parents to stay on top of their child’s progress.

In addition, online curriculum can be edited and fully customized to match your school’s or district’s local curriculum maps, making it simple to know exactly where your students are and where they need to be.

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