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Coding with Robotics, Wearables, Drones!

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Coding with Robots, Drones, and Wearables

Target Audience

  • STEM and STEAM Coordinators
  • CTE Coordinators
  • Curriculum Coordinators

Types of Implementation

  • STEM and STEAM Programs
  • 3D Virtual Reality
  • Enhance Curriculum

Instead of focusing on building with metal parts, engaging students in digital design with 3D printing and Laser cutting prepares students for the world we live in. Students are able to code robot motion, lights and sounds at an early age. From foundational programming and scientific computation, students advance to multi-robot systems, aeronautics, and bioinformatics — empowering them with the sophisticated problem-solving skills and tools they can leverage in modern careers, entrepreneurship and life.

An additional benefit over the traditional robotics kits for schools and districts is the concept of an elastic education system: flexible curriculum that it is used across classrooms in robotics, physics, math, engineering, coding, and arts. The same robots can be used in classrooms from K-2 right through 12th grade.

With cutting edge robotics hardware that focus on ground robots, drones, robotic arms, wearable devices, and sensors, your students will experience unmatched engagement. Teach them to program in every single industry programming language. Learn the magic of multiple disciplines through the lens of computer science!

The LocoRobo Coding and Robotics Ecosystem of ground robots, drones and wearables provides teachers and students modern hardware and a deep and rigorous curriculum that covers sensor physics, statistics and real-world coding in an industry standard development environment.

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