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Behavioral Management Interventions

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“The suite of services has enhanced my ability to work with teachers to provide the very best possible services for our students with behavioral challenges. The software tool has been particularly valuable, allowing us to input data, analyze data, and make data-based instructional decisions.”

Melissa Mumper, BCBA Harris County Department of Education, TX

Target Educators

  • Special Education
  • Psychologists
  • General Educators

Practical Benefits

  • Screen and Assess Student Behavior
  • Prescribe Proactive Strategies
  • Prescribe Replacement Behaviors
  • Prescribe Reactive Strategies
  • Reporting and Antecedent Documentation

Utilize a Behavior Management System to screen and assess the student and automatically prescribe effective Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, and Reactive Strategies to meet IEP and Behavior goals.

With the growing number of students with behavior challenges, many districts are facing serious challenges, such as a large and growing number of students with behavior concerns, creating and implementing intervention plans to serve these students, and the consistency of disciplinary measures.

Behavior management software provides a very simple process of assessing the student to determine the function of the behavior and providing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) based strategies for creating quality behavior intervention plans.

This process supports a collaborative approach as all members of the evaluation team have access and input to a student case. Whether dealing with minor or major disruptive behaviors, software users develop quality behavior intervention plans for any specific student and situation. The strategies are age appropriate and take into consideration the student?s communication ability.

Behavior intervention software can simplify the often lengthy and rigorous process of developing behavior plans via a streamlined method that takes place entirely within the software. A questionnaire style assessment allows a team to collaborate, provide software input, and get quick results. A functional behavior assessment helps identify the functions of students? behaviors by generating strategies to help teachers customize plans. Select from proactive strategies, replacement behaviors, and reactive strategies provided by the software to help students maximize their potential. Users can even edit and individualize strategies to meet the specific needs of students and, best of all, the online process only takes about 40 minutes, rather than 40 hours!

The software-generated behavior plans offer online team access to teachers and administrators to facilitate collaboration, commentary, and the ability to edit or add strategies to students? plans, which leads to consistency and continuity on campus. Every plan generated to support positive student behavior is supported by measurable, evidence based practical interventions that simply work. Built in data capture tools and reporting tools allow teams to graph the frequency of challenging behaviors over time, make adjustments and modifications as needed, and easily share reports with selected team members and parents.

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