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ABA Evidence-Based Practices

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“As a Special Education Supervisor, it is my responsibility to assure that staff have quality supports that allow them to work better, not harder. Access has also fostered a climate of transparency and collaboration between schools and families as families in our district are able to view the resources and the programs assigned to their children.”

Debra S. Pearce, M.Ed. Supervisor of Special Education St. Mary?s County Public Schools, MD

Target Educators

  • Special Education
  • Psychologists
  • General Educators

Workshop Categories

  • Introduction to Positive Behavior Support Plans
  • Proactive Behavior Management
  • Defining and Teaching Replacement Behaviors
  • Reactive Behavior Management

Increase competency through workshops utilizing ABA evidence-based practices for knowledge and skill development to increase staff competency (i.e. inclusion, managing challenging behaviors, behavior management, applied behavior analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

What percentage of students on your campus have special needs, and how do you address them? We offer online workshops and support for districts who are interested in implementing an inclusion model, which allows special needs students the opportunity to spend most of their instructional time in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific, systematic, and evidence-based approach to understanding and changing behavior in order to improve people?s lives. By analyzing how an individual?s current behaviors function ? meaning how those behaviors meet certain needs in a particular environment ? a behavior analyst can identify ways to modify the environment and teach new skills that will improve an individual?s health and safety, ability to communicate, social relationships and independence.

For example, in an ABA session, a behavior therapist will reinforce desired behaviors or functional skills by providing desired outcomes, such as a candy, toys, games, praise, etc., when a desired behavior is exhibited. Behavior therapists will withhold reinforcements when undesired behaviors, such as tantrums and aggression, are displayed. Students quickly learn that desired behaviors will easily and rapidly bring them desired results, whereas undesired behaviors will not bring about desired outcomes.

Over time, prompts and rewards are gradually removed to help the student learn to integrate desirable behavior in natural environments.

Read more about a Behavior Management System to screen and assess the student and automatically prescribe effective Proactive Strategies, Replacement Behaviors, and Reactive Strategies to meet IEP and Behavior goals HERE.

Available Workshops

Topics for General Education Teachers

? Inclusion
? Accommodations and Adaptations for Classrooms
? Classroom Strategies for Addressing Communication Challenges
? Classroom Strategies for Addressing Independence Challenges
? Classroom Strategies for Addressing Ritual Challenges
? Classroom Strategies for Addressing Sensory Challenges
? Classroom Strategies for Addressing Social Challenges
? Introduction to Data Collection
? Understanding and Responding to Behavior in the General Education Environment

Improving Social Skills

? Activities to Develop Social Skills
? Support Strategies for Social Skills, Part I
? Support Strategies for Social Skills, Part II
? The Impact of Social Challenges
? Teaching Social Skills
? Types of Social Skills

Improving Learning and Independence

? Case Studies in Learning
? Learning and Independence Skills
? Learning and Independence Support Strategies
? Learning Styles with Autism
? The Impact of Learning with Autism

Additional Courses

? Fundamentals of Reinforcement: Increasing Skills Through Positive Consequences
? Identifying Reinforcers with Preference Assessments
? Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
? Using Shaping and Chaining to Teach; From Simple Skills to Complex Sequences

Introduction to Behavior Management

? Introduction to Positive Behavior Support Plans
? Introduction to the Principles and Functions of Behavior
? Proactive Crisis Management
? Working with Oppositional Students

Managing Challenging Behaviors

? Defining and Teaching Replacement Behaviors
? Reactive Behavior Management
? Proactive Behavior Management

Special Topics

? Teaching an Individual to Ask for Breaks and Delays
? Toilet Training
? Token Economies and Other Creative Reinforcement Systems
? Teaching Appropriate Attention-Getting
? Visual Supports

Introduction to ASD

? What is Autism Spectrum Disorder
? Core Deficits in Students with Autism
? U.S. Federal Law
? Possible Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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