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Reading Instruction and Intervention

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“Having had a speech pathology undergrad base, I really like the way the program focuses upon phoneme distinction (as opposed to just pinning single sound to a letter as is done traditionally and then having to explain later why “a” doesn’t always say the same sound). Incorporating the structure of phonics generalizations and illustrating them with examples gives the “why” of language structure to contextual learners. The key to success, in my observation, is the process of using the marking system to analyze the words. This appeals to the visual and kinesthetic learners and taps into multiple modalities.”

Penelope Steward,?Director of Special Programs?Bruneau School District, Bruneau, ID

Grade Level Focus

  • Early Literacy Instruction & Intervention (K-3)
  • Reading Intervention (4-12)
  • Adult Reading Intervention

Types of Implementation

  • Teacher Directed
  • Direct Instruction Materials
  • Software

Equip teachers with skills to teach Reading for early literacy instruction (grades K-3) or for intervention (grades 4-12 & Adult) by onsite, personal & hands-on training.

Developing a consistent and effective reading approach within your staff does not have to be difficult or expensive. As outlined HERE, the Orton Gillingham approach and strategies engage students in explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory reading instruction organized in a practical way for teachers to teach and simple for students to learn.

For K-3 mainstreamed students, explicit and systematic reading instruction with a simple, streamlined framework that can be used to read the majority of the words in the English language has proven successful. Students study the sounds of the alphabet, five phonetic skills, and two decoding skills. Utilizing Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction with a unique marking system in the approach, the student experience is engaging, appealing, and most of all, effective. By including exercises, activities, and games that build phonics, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and comprehension skills, along with the well established and research driven approach helps students master decoding skills and grow in every area needed for reading success.

The proven approach for intervention with K-12 students is simple, streamlined reading instruction emphasizing the 42 sounds of the alphabet, five phonetic skills, and two decoding skills . The core instructional framework only requires students to remember a limited number of rules which apply to almost every word in English. The multi-sensory, interactive nature makes this approach ideal for students with learning disabilities and special needs, as well as ELL students. As students progress through fundamental skill building lessons, activities are layered promoting correct pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension development.

The comprehensive Reading and Literacy Staff Professional Development only requires two days. It is no wonder educators across the country are turning to these proven methodologies to increase their students’ achievement in reading in all grade levels.

Read more about Direct Instruction Materials and Software HERE.

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