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We partner with a variety of industry leaders to ensure that we can offer the most advanced and effective solutions for the diverse needs of our clients. Give us a call to learn more about how Backbone Communications and our partners will help your students at 800-430-3935.

Agilix Buzz LMS

As a platform, Buzz enables content providers to easily distribute, update, and manage courses, enrollments, and reporting in blended and virtual environments. As a partner, Agilix leverages a vast API and our high-touch services to brand and customize Buzz where needed, and enable effective implementation of innovative, student-centered learning models.


Mathspace is the world’s first adaptive math program allowing students to show all of their work for every step of every problem. Our philosophy is simple: We believe the process is more important than the final answer.


MindPlay guarantees one grade level gain in 20 hours. Our mission: develop, publish, and distribute cost-effective learning tools with clear objectives, inviting graphics, and modern technology to support reading growth and development.


LifeLiQe offers 1,000 interactive models for K-12 STEM subjects guaranteed by Stanford University, University of California and other renown colleges across the world.


SkillBott is a comprehensive, standards based curriculum, delivered online, that teaches students the critical soft skills or 21st Century Skills they will need to obtain employment and build a successful career. Your students will learn how to:

Communicate with peers and supervisors
Act and behave in a workplace setting
Search for a job and prepare for the interview
Improve workplace performance
Identify and develop professional skills for future success

The goal of SkillBott is to give students the ability to create, communicate, collaborate, analyze and problem-solve in any workplace environment.

Reading Horizons

The most advanced reading program on the market. The software contains 81 interactive lessons that guide students, focusing on the concepts of English, building up to the decoding of multi-syllable words; vocabulary development, including over 10,000 terms that are defined, used in context and displayed in a picture; over 225 high interest reading passages that are grade leveled and allow students to select material that interests them while they improve fluency and comprehension.

BrightFish Reading

BrightFish Reading is an online program for grades 2-10 that deconstructs grade-level passages into manageable chunks. In sequential, scaffolded activities, students ?construct? the text, moving from words and phrases up to full passages. They build word recognition fluency, vocabulary and higher-order comprehension skills while practicing with on-level text that is relevant and age-appropriate.

Laurus Math

Laurus Math has created a new program that focuses on the Common Core Standards for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Laurus Math prepares students for the all state tests; PARCC, Smarter Balance, or AzMERIT (Arizona?s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching). We have included detailed videos that explain the standards using student-friendly terms. We also incorporate interactive notes so that students can get instant feedback and diagnostics. Laurus Math has implemented different question- types, not just the one-dimensional multiple-choice questions. We have free response questions that offer the students the ability to practice using a math palette similar to what they would see on the state exam. We also have multi-select, drag-and-drop, drop-down, and multi-select questions so that students will see many different types of questions.

Educational Impact

Educational Impact is the premier online provider of professional development for teachers, administrators and university students. Along with the many National Education Experts featured in the EI Academy, EI partners with premier educational organizations, state departments of education, and school districts to create their online content.Educational Impacts?s programs are research based, and are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU/CPDU/PDU).

Insights To Behavior

Insights to Behavior, an online Behavior Management System, prescribes behavior support interventions for students with behavior challenges and provides professional development workshops for all teachers and administrators.

Boxlight Mimio

Boxlight products are designed to help students learn more effectively and develop the essential skills they need for success. Students respond to this enhanced way of learning, and teachers find it allows them to do more in the classroom, with less time and hassle.

Experience easy-to-use, engaging, valuable, and effective solutions for the way we teach tomorrow?s leaders today.

Labdisc Data Logging

Globisens next generation science data logging! A compact, wireless lab with up to 15 built-in sensors replaces more than 20 traditional pieces of science equipment. With Globisens every science class becomes an exciting, enriching and inspiring learning experience.

Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies is here to make the learning process for all more enjoyable, efficient and effective. Every discipline can benefit from using response systems. Incorporate interactive questions in existing material or try a new pedagogy with the support of our tools. Collect valuable, real-time data and export reports to drive data-based decisions. Track and view how participants at different levels are retaining and implementing knowledge.

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