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Response to Intervention: An RTI Solution

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A+LS & A+LL - K-12 Curriculum & Assessment

Response to Intervention is a process to assure that students are successful and receive needed instruction. It is supported by federal special education funding and mandated by many states.

The combination of the A+nyWhere Learning System (A+LS) and A+ LearningLink (A+LL) gives educators the ability to place students at the appropriate level of intervention, predict how well students will perform on state tests, prescribe appropriate instructional material, and track progress to determine if the interventions are truly working.

Response to Intervention - RTI Pyramid


A+ Products and Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies

The key strength of the A+nyWhere Learning System and A+ LearningLink is that the two programs work hand in hand to offer an integrated solution that links an assessment plan to interventions — supporting any school’s or district’s RTI plan.

A+ LearningLink

  • Provides universal screening for whole student population.
  • Provides Lexile® and Quantile® measures to students.
  • For effective instructional planning, lessons at the level the student is ready to learn can be prescribed to the A+nyWhere Learning System.
  • Placement along a developmental scale, independent of grade level, allows educators to determine if a student should receive Tier 2 intervention.
  • Test is re-administered after three to four months to determine student progress and if intervention strategy is effective.

A+nyWhere Learning System

  • Provides instructional supplement to general student population.
  • Receives and administers prescriptions from A+ LearningLink for Tier 2 differentiated instruction.
  • A+LS Assessment tools are used as benchmark assessments at three- to six-week intervals to differentiate instruction according to each student’s individualized prescription.
  • Use A+LS Assessment tools to monitor performance in short cycles as needed.

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A+ Family of Products and Response to Intervention
A+ Products and Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies

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