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Online Learning Symposium: Ensuring student success in an online environment

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By?Dr. Harold Vietti, Superintendent eScholar Academy, California

Online learning is growing rapidly across the United States, responding in part to the?needs of?these millennial students, as more and more learners and educators become familiar?with the?benefits of learning unconstrained by geography and time. Students are finding?increased opportunity, flexibility, and convenience; teachers are discovering a new way?to reach students, some of whom were not successful in traditional schools and courses;?and administrators are exploring ways to offer a wider range of courses to students?and professional development opportunities to teachers. In these ways, online learning?strengthens public education?s goals of equity and access for all students.

Dr. Vietti is currently the Executive Director of eScholar Academy an WASC?Accreditated Online Charter School located in Red Bluff California. Over the past 40?years, he has served as a High School teacher, Director of Vocational Education,?Alternative Education, K-12 Principal and Superintendent.

Since 1985 he has used many computer assisted instructional programs and online?courses from many different vendors. He will talk about his experiences as it realtes?to helping students be successful in an online enviornment. Most importanly he will?provide a list of features to look for when selecting an online vendor and why it is so?important to provide an enviornment that creates a friendly atmosphere where students?can feel supported by teachers, students, administrators and parents.

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