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NEW Opal Science Kits: Science Kits for Students

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Opal Science is a brand new company that provides teaching tools for teachers and hands-on experience for their students. Our interactive science kit experiments and curriculum explore silica manufacturing, the wonders of nanotechnology and the science involved in combining the two to form photonic crystals of opal.

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Students will be able to watch their own silica nanospheres drop gently (settle) in beakers that will form into the opal crystals over a period of weeks.
Typical subjects would include:

  • How opal is formed in the earth
  • Light?Diffraction
  • Nanoparticles
  • Self?Assembly

Students will come away with a comprehensive understanding of micro technology and one of the true wonders of natural science in opal formation. As nanotechnology proves to be the future of manufacturing, students will gain a ground level understanding of what this exciting field has to offer.

Learn More: Opal Science Kits

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