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Introducing Oral Reading Fluency

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Oral Reading Fluency

Many students struggle with oral fluency, especially those with language-based reading deficiencies. Overcoming this challenge requires explicit Oral Fluency training, which helps to increase student performance by strengthening neural pathways and oral-language skill connections.

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New with the Academy of READING?, Oral Reading Fluency training enables students to play an active role in the development of their oral reading fluency?an essential step in becoming an active, fluent reader.

Scalable, flexible solution

  • Easy to access via web-based delivery; students can access from any workstation on school or district network
  • Provides flexibility and control for teachers through management tools that allow them to quickly and easily review and evaluate each student?s progress
  • Grows with your school or district to accommodate large groups of students, delivering the essential training for students to achieve fluency and build strong reading skills

Oral Subskills

  • Students work from letters, syllables and high-frequency words to phrases and sentences that increase in complexity as the student advances
  • Students rehearse, record and self-evaluate their oral reading of the text

Oral Comprehension

  • Exercises designed to develop strategies for better comprehension, including reading vocabulary and the ability to identify the main idea and author?s purpose
  • Exposes students to leveled passages of high-interest reading content and a range of pre-reading activities, multiple choice questions and vocabulary

Fluency Benchmarks

  • Provides timed, cold readings to help teachers assess each student?s progress
  • “Play list” is provided through an online portfolio so that student recordings can be reviewd and scored by the teacher at any time
  • Fluency recordings can be scored using a Words Correct perMinute (WCPM) score and the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) 4-point scale

>>Oral Reading Fluency: CLICK HERE

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