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Facebook – Togetherville Helps Parents, Kids, And Schools Connect With New ?Communities? Feature

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A safe place for young kids to connect with friends and for parents to be involved:

Togetherville, a Facebook-like social network for kids 10 years of age and younger, is launching a new feature called School Communities today that aims to ?give kids a voice? when it comes to how their schools are run. The feature also represents a big change to the way the site is building its social graph, making it far easier for children to connect with their friends.

It?s easy to forget (and many kids probably ignore it entirely), but Facebook maintains a firm requirement that everyone on the site be thirteen years of age or older. That?s where Togetherville comes in ? the site appeals to parents by promising a safer, more secure environment, where parents can moderate who their children are connecting with. Parents approve each of their child?s friends, and can also connect with other parents using Facebook?s social graph.

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