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Classroom Systems Management System

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Are you tracking students effectively?

With Connector’s real-time, to-the-point reporting and simple
teacher/student communication, teachers spend more time
teaching and less time fighting the computer.

Monitor Progress & Performance

Track progress clearly and simply.

Every student has a progress bar showing at a glance whether
he’s on pace to complete his courses on time: the bar is green
for on-track or ahead, amber for behind, and red for far behind.
It doesn’t get any easier.

Answer the important questions instantly.

Which students are far behind? Who hasn’t logged in lately? Is
Tina getting enough done? Do I need to grade any essays? Which
students are earning Ds or Fs in their A+ courses? Sort it out
with a click and a glance using the class summary screens.

Stay in touch with the entire school.

Stay in touch with each student.

Want to tell the whole school that A+ assignments must be
finished before the quarter ends on Friday? Want to congratulate
Katherine for doing better in geometry? In Connector, you’re
never more than 3 clicks from communicating with your students.

Set realistic, personalized student goals.

Is the default pace too slow for a student? Is it too fast? Do
you want to block schedule? With just a few clicks, teachers can
change course due dates for any student. All of Connector’s
progress indicators will reflect the student’s personalized goals.

And more…

Let parents check their students’ progress, watch student activity
as it happens, apply custom grade weighting, export data for
reporting, track daily usage times, reassign failed mastery tests
with a click, track credits earned – keep students, parents,
and teachers connected with their work!

Try it now!
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