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It is definitely a challenge to implement alternative programs that keep the integrity and rigor of those offered in the traditional classroom.
These alternative programs often include GED preparation and high school credit recovery.

Once a school implements an alternative program including both GED and credit recovery options for their students, counselors often assist students in determining their goals, their time frame and ultimately their direction in their high school career. Either they pursue obtaining their GED or their high school diploma.

Software can play a crucial role within these alternative programs empowering students to either recover high school credits for graduation or prepare for the GED test. These students, in both categories, are often behind in both Reading and Math. These basic skill gaps are detrimental for either student and they will act as a barrier to their goal. Basic skill gaps are essential in understanding higher-level skills.

With either GED preparation or high school credit recovery, initial diagnostic testing will greatly benefit the student, teacher and counselor. The teacher and counselor will have a much better understanding of the student’s abilities and will better help guide the student. As for the student, they will have a clear understanding of the work ahead.

“Packet-making”often encompasses the curriculum for students in these “Alternative Education” programs.

Many school’s curriculum or “packets” are out dated and are more than just a slimmed down version of the original course. In these cases, programs designed to recover credits are labeled as “credit factories”; pushing out students with credits without truly verifying mastery and understanding of the skills for that course.

With the advancement of technology, diagnostic testing as well as curriculum have been unified. Students can easily receive the skills needed to complete a course while retaining its rigor and integrity. Both students and teachers win. Testing is delivered online (automatic), curriculum is delivered properly (automatic), grading is simple (automatic), and teachers can focus their attention on helping students with pertinent questions.

Technology has allowed schools to implement online delivered courseware providing administrators the confidence their students are achieving permanent gains!

Backbone Communications has been helping schools for over 10 years implementing technology and software tools to help students learn.

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