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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality in Education

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Remember the days when 3D was promised to be this great experience, and then promised again….and then again?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology is now a mature, viable educational tool engaging students, increasing leaning rates and propelling creativity to the degree we would expect it to be. The promise is here and the experience is obtainable.

The following articles talk about the direction and education status with augmented and virtual reality technologies and software publisher; LifeLiqe.

Lifeliqe believes in the power of visual learning. Their mission is to improve publishing. Using the latest technologies, they have started in the area where it’s needed most – education.

Lifeliqe is a learning platform currently with over 1,000 Advanced Interactive Models. These models help to better demonstrate hard to explain science topics in a very visually attractive and engaging way. Lifeliqe supports STEM topics and is aligned to NGSS and Common Core. All content is scientifically accurate and guaranteed by professors from renowned universities around the world such as Stanford University. In order to facilitate the adoption of such advanced technologies, Lifeliqe is also offering a variety of lesson plans/essential questions and activities.

How we’ve built the tool we all wished we had when we were in school.

Lifeliqe is the first deployment platform of its kind that’s direct to users. We launched it based on demand from students, parents and teachers worldwide. Our first exclusive publisher is Corinth Classroom, the company we’ve created and shaped for almost 4 years. We’ve merged all the knowledge after almost 4 years of continuous improving and testing and decided that to create a sister company entirely focused on sales and marketing and based in the US will support our mission the best. – LifeLiqe

2016 ISTE: Do Augmented and Virtual Reality Have Real Educational Benefits?

Two educators share how immersive 3D models have helped them expand students? horizons. Ever since virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) introduced to education as the latest in digital curriculum tools, their visual appeal has been clear, but the big question has always been, ?Do they improve teaching and learning?? According to a couple of different sources, the answer to that question is a resounding ?yes.? For example, in a survey conducted by Samsung, 85% of teachers agreed that VR will have a positive effect on students and 68% of teachers said they want to use VR to supplement course curriculum to help students better understand course concepts.

July 18, 2016: Campus Technology ? 3D Content Education Company Teams with VR Headset Maker

A company that sells an app allowing students to explore biological creatures, botanical compositions, machinery, environments and other entities has signed on with a virtual reality company to make those same interactive models available to its users. Lifeliqe is working with HTC Vive to take its models to the new headset that the latter company launched in April.

July 9, 2016: EdSurge Review ? What does VR content actually really look like

The biggest question in educational virtual reality: ?Is it all hype??

There’s surely no lack of excitement?and neither is there any evidence that this expensive and enthralling technology will help students. Yet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists ($1.3 billion of investment already this year) are betting that VR?s immersion factor can snap students out of their daydreams when they can see dry class subjects brought to digital life.

June 27, 2016: School News ? Lifeliqe Creator empowers teachers to create, publish interactive 3D content at ISTE

Lifeliqe users can explore objects with interactive 3D views, zoom deep into the structure of the objects, experience augmented reality, view supplementary text on a subject, and change the language for a bilingual view in English and Spanish. With the Lifeliqe Creator feature, any of the 1,000 interactive 3D models can be dragged and dropped right into a presentation, ebook or lesson plan, so teachers can provide students with full, interactive 3D experiences.

June 24, 2016: TechCruch ? Is the future NVIDIA, Sony and Apple? Featuring LifeLiqe CEO

Virtual reality is all the buzz nowadays. And why wouldn?t it be when analysts like Goldman Sachs make estimates that the industry is poised to surpass the TV market in annual revenue by 2025. That would make virtual reality bigger than TV in less than 10 years. These estimates are so massive because the breakthrough technology has the ability to extend itself into so many markets ? gaming, education, productivity and even adult entertainment.


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