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ATTN: Arizona High School Reading Intervention and Math Intervention; Response to Intervention RTI Success

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The following is a testimonial from a high school and has achieved incredible results with Academy of READING and Academy of MATH. This is a great example to replicate for Arizona high school reading intervention and high school math intervention programs along with a Response to Intervention – RtI plan.

  • Located in Thomson, Georgia
  • Seven schools with 4,200 rural students
  • 68% Free or Reduced Lunch
  • First district-wide implementation of AutoSkill RtI Package for Reading. Also using Academy of READING, Oral Fluency, and Academy of MATH

Thompson High School Reading Intervention & High School Math Intervention Testimonial

When I began using the Academy of READING this past school year for high school reading intervention and math intervention for our response to intervention – RtI program, many of my students had given up on reading and had decided that it was just their lot in life to be non-proficient readers.? I even had several students who told me that they thought they could get by and graduate without reading if they just worked hard enough, so they had stopped trying to read better.? In addition, most of them were also less than enthusiastic about a computer program that required them to maintain silence and full concentration.

The two things that “encouraged” my students to use the high school reading intervention and high school math intervention program were the implementation of an incentive program and administrative support with discipline issues.? Due to administrative support at the beginning of the year, my students realized that they were going to be required to use the program according to my specifications.? Once they began using the program, individual students began to realize, through the data presented to them at the end of each level, his or her weak area in reading.

Once I developed the incentive program, the students’ enthusiasm rose, and they began paying more attention to what they could each do as individuals to improve their reading skills.? As time went of during the school year, students began coming to me and telling me that they could read their texts better and were better able to keep up in class because their reading skills were improving.? Several students told me that they were no longer afraid to read aloud in front of a group of other students.? I as thrilled to death because I knew then that something positive was happening.? Eventually, there were students in the class who made it their goals to complete the entire AoR program, and at times I had to actually MAKE them stop doing Academy of READING when the recommended time-per-day was completed.

Overall, my experience with the program was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my students move forward and become more confident.? The program itself provided individual remediation for each student, and it worked.? Administrative support and the incentive program aided in my efforts to have students compliant enough to use the program; however, once the students began reaping the PERSONAL benefits of reading better, I rarely had to ask administration for assistance, and the incentive program was just a “perk” of being in my class.

Of course, they were all willing to accept rewards for performing, but the majority of them had already been experiencing the intrinsic rewards of making better grades and of not being embarrassed about their reading skills.? I am looking forward very much to using the Academy of READING, (and Academy of MATH!!) programs in the upcoming school year.? Seeing my students learn to read better has been one of the most rewarding things I have every experienced as a teacher.? The AoR program is one of the best tools I have ever used to help improve student achievement.

Melanie Ansley, Teacher

Response to Intervention – RTI – Resource Center

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