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Arizona: RTI Example Breakdown on Tiers – Response to Intervention Initiative

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Response to Intervention Breakdown: Tier 1, 2, 3

The following is an example of a 3-Tiered RTI Plan:

RTI Academic Intervention Pyramid

RTI Academic Intervention Pyramid

Response to Intervention – RTI – Resource Center


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General Education


All students participate in general education learning that includes:
- Implementation of our state standards through research-based practices
- Use of flexible groups for differentiation of product, process, content & environment
- Regular progress monitoring (AutoSkill RTI, A+LearingLink, A+nyWhere Learning System)


State Website, Differentiated instruction, A+ Elements aligned to state standards (A+LS, A+LL), Flexible Grouping, Learning Styles Assessments, Standards-Based Professional Learning, etc.

Tier 1


Targeted students receive instruction that is in addition to General Education and different by including:
- Formalized, systematic processes of new research-based intervention(s)
- More frequent progress monitoring


Academy of READING and Academy of MATH for grades 1-12,  School psychologists/Social Intervention Teams, A+nyWhere Learning System, School Level Screenings, Hearing/Vision Screening required, Frequent Progress Monitoring, Counselors, Differentiated Instruction, Intervention Specialists, Math Coaches, etc…

Tier 2


Targeted students participate in differentiated learning in addition to Tier 1 interventions to include:
- Individualized assessments
- Individualized interventions
- Referral for specially designed interventions as needed


Academy of READING and MATH, School Psychologist, Social Intervention Teams, DynEd, A+nyWhere Learning System (A+LS), Data-Driven Instruction, More Frequent Progress Monitoring, Alternative School, Differentiated Instruction, Screenings, Counselors, Intervention Specialists

Tier 3


Students will have accommodations/modifications through a Speical Ed, IEP,
Gifted Plan, or ESOL Plan


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The Backbone Team





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