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An Overview of Commercially Available Principal Evaluation Resources

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The online 360? Leadership Assessment from Educational Impact allows school principals to rate themselves in areas critical to their success. Users also solicit input and feedback from their staff and superiors. Assessment results provide the user with a picture of her/his strengths and weaknesses, revealing areas for improvement. The assessment is tied to professional development via Educational Impact?s

Online Academy.?Purpose(s) Provide current and aspiring school administrators with a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and
weaknesses in a secure online environment.?Provide a targeted professional development tool that reveals areas for improvement and generates prescriptive ?professional development plans.
Structure:?Design/Origin Research did not uncover information that may be available for this topic. Contact information for this
resource follows.

Features Enables school leaders to:

? Receive anonymous feedback on hard-to-measure skills;
? Compare priorities with supervisors and teachers;
? Receive skill-building suggestions;
? Find resources for additional professional development; and
? See what supervisors and staff believe to be the leader?s major strengths and weaknesses.

Standards Aligned to Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards and a variety of state
standards for school administrators.
Connection to Student?Achievement
Competency rating results are based on student achievement and ties to higher education, standards-based
instruction, and social development.?Components An online self-assessment (94 questions that focus on 47 leadership areas), supervisor and staff surveys, and a personal learning plan.360? Leadership Assessment
Process/Timeline Can be administered anytime during the academic year and includes the following four steps:

? School leader first answers the self-assessment in all leadership areas.
? Supervisors and up to 10 teachers/co-workers are invited to also complete assessments of the school leader.
? School leader compares self-assessment results to results submitted by his/her raters.
? After results are presented, the school leader can create a personal learning plan to target ?areas of?need.?

Evaluators (Facilitators).?Research did not uncover information that may be available for this topic. Contact information for this
resource follows.?Differentiation Can be administered to current and aspiring principals with a variety of experience levels.
Information and Measures?Sources Online self-assessment information on 47 leadership areas; survey feedback from supervisors and staff.?Reported Information Results are presented in the following categories:

? Competency ratings (see the following Ratings section);
? Importance rankings;
? Hidden strengths; and
? Blind spots.

An array of reports and bar charts allows users to view results in a variety of ways.

Ratings Competency ratings are:

? In-depth knowledge/very capable;
? Considerable knowledge/capable;
? Basic knowledge/somewhat capable;
? Little knowledge/not very capable; or
? No evidence of knowledge/incapable.

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