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3 TARGETED Reading Solutions, Interventions, School-Wide Testing & Universal Screening…

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Backbone Reading Solutions:

1. Universal Screening and structured and sequential training?that target skills essential?for Automaticity, Fluency and Proficient Reading.

Reading Pyramid, Reading Intervention Skills

These?skills are trained to a level of mastery?that includes automaticity to ensure?robust and permanent skills?development. 10 groups of silent reading?passages covering both junior and?senior topics.

PURPOSE: Assess and bring struggling readers to a level of reading automaticity at their grade level

2. Universal Screening and Differentiated Instruction by Prescription aligned to ALL State Standards.

Reading comprehension, building vocabulary, language usage, and grammar/writing lessons are all automatically prescribed to fill in deficient skill gaps for students at all levels.

PURPOSE:? Assess and provide differentiated instruction aligned to the Arizona Articulated Standards for students below grade level, on grade level or above grade level.

3. Dr. Jim Cummins is an author of the add-on component of our English Language Learning solution.

1. Assess (similar to the AZELLA test) and Placement automatically in Listening & Speaking focused lessons to improve Language Proficiency. Recording voice, playing back recorded voice and comparing recorded voice to the native speaker are required.

2. The additional?tool is deigned to develop Reading and Writing skills, building vocabulary and to gain access to authentic materials for any school subject.

PURPOSE:? Assess and focus?on improving literacy skills development for ELL students.


DOWNLOAD NOW: 3 TARGETED Reading Solutions, Interventions, School-Wide Testing & Universal Screening


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