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3-Dimension Virtual Reality STEM System

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“Transforming and accelerating STEM education through real world virtual reality.”

zSpace for Education

Target Audience

  • STEM and STEAM Coordinators
  • CTE Coordinators
  • Curriculum Coordinators

Types of Implementation

  • STEM and STEAM Programs
  • 3D Virtual Reality
  • Enhance Curriculum

Our technology is changing the way students learn STEM and STEAM in education.

zSpace enables “Real World Virtual Reality in the Classroom” through immersive 3D workstations, called zSpace Virtual Reality STEM Labs. This experience is enabled by a unique combination of high definition stereopsis, integrated head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus. zSpace products can be a powerful tool in our schools, enhancing STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) by inspiring student understanding with a full, rich display of scientific information, including experiences involving dissection, electrical currents, human anatomy, plant anatomy, bone scans, and more. The zSpace system is a surefire way to get your students excited about physical science, life science, earth space science, mathematics, and even social science.

Unlike other VR solutions, such as head-mounted displays, zSpace empowers fearless learning in an environment where it is easy to undo mistakes, make changes, and not worry about material costs or clean up.

Here are videos to see how zSpace is being used in education:

A zSpace STEM Lab consists of a set of student virtual reality stations and a teacher station, each outfitted with an interactive stylus as well as a wide variety of educational software ranging from science and physics to engineering. Visit our Activities and Standards page to explore 250+ activities created by our curriculum team of teachers.

A three-station zSpace Learning Center implementation can support up to 9 students working at once, with one group undergoing live, direct instruction, another group watching a 3D recording of an internal organ functioning, while yet another group works in a virtual, hands-on dissection of a human heart. A six-station Mini Lab implementation can support up to 18 students and a ten-station (or more) Full Lab can support up to 30+ students working on differentiated STEM curriculum. Over 100 school districts have already adopted the zSpace curriculum to enhance their STEM programs in the U.S. alone, and zSpace is already aligned to national standards. Visit our Activities and Standards page to explore 250+ activities created by our curriculum team of teachers. so you can easily implement zSpace in your classroom.

Contact us and experience the latest in virtual reality technology helping students succeed in schools across the country. Try our physics playground, design a quadcopter, or dissect a human heart – see it pumping as well as feel it beating!

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